And the Survey Says…

So far, so good. my week started with an English test and then it transitioned to a field trip. This place was freezing because it was in the morning and I didn’t wear the appropriate clothes. It was so cold that my teeth were chattering and I was stuttering. I then had a math test right before the weekend started.

Yay weekend! I get to crochet.

My muscle memory for the stitches started to kick in and I can make a 14 rows of 25 double crochet stitches with ease. I made a square, so that means that it’s moving along smoothly.

The survey that I made turned out to be very successful. It got over 2000 answers. I was surprised at the sheer amount of feedback I received. The accumulated total that I expected was much, much lower.

The vast majority of contributors turned out to crochet as a hobby. Maybe some people don’t have enough time to have crocheting as a job. Or, it could be that they don’t want to lose the fun of it. On the other hand, they could just want to make items for sentimental reasons.

It appears that an ample amount of participants were females of varying ages. Of the ladies, most of them crochet freehand. I guess the items that they make are more personalized, that way.

The time that people have been crocheting vary from 2 weeks to 60 years. I guess for some of these crocheters, 40 hours a week of stitches is a butt-ton. I couldn’t even begin to imagine just 20 hours a month!

Many people crochet for themselves or their family because when I asked if they use social media to promote, the majority said “no.” I guess that a good thing, because that results in more heart-felt items.

I haven’t even gone through the 2 thousand tips but I can give you a couple of the more common ones. Someone said “the first million stitches are the hardest,” but I feel like I’ve already made a million stitches. There was also a tip on how you can’t hold your hook wrong. So, maybe if I put it between my butt cheeks, I will get my stitches even.

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