My First Convention

Today, we went to a yarn convention. This little convention only had a couple of stalls of yarn and a lot of hooks and needles. The place was crowded and it made it hard to get in, around, and out. For me, this convention was not my taste.

When my mother tried to buy some yarn the lady selling it just pointed at herself and put it back. Every time my mother wanted to buy the yarn, the lady would put it back and start selling hooks to other people. We then looked at other things but they were for knitting and sewing. In the end, we left that convention with nothing.

Afterwards, we went to my fathers colleague’s house. She had the biggest yarn collection I have ever seen. She also had three spinning wheels and many spindles. When my mother saw this room I thought she would just die. My mother and I looked at yarn for what fell like hours.

Once home, my crochet tools were calling to me, so I decided to work on my scarf. In one and a half hours, six rows were complete.This made me proud, because I usually do three or four rows in an hour. For me, this is a great achievement.

I got more than half of the scarf done. About ten or eleven rows had to be taken out because somehow my stitches went from twenty five to twenty four. When I noticed this I took those rows out and started again. In my mind, my stitches seems to be getting better. at least I didn’t have to take half of the scarf out… this time.

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