Winter’s Covered

In the last post, I mentioned that my scarf was finished. Hooray!

Now that the scarf is finished, I can focus on something else. A hat would keep my poor head warm during the winter. Since hats consist of circles, I figured now was a good time to learn.

The first time I tried to make the “magic ring” to start off, I messed up and put the stitches inside one of the other stitches. My mother told me that the stitches go inside the ring, not inside the stitches already in the ring.

The next day, my hat grew to the size of the top of my head. I only worked on it for a few minutes to get it to that far. A new record! The hat will be my fastest project, yet. Not that I have very many projects to compare.

It reached to above my eyes in about two hours. I am starting to believe that I could get to a decent skill level in about a year’s time.

The scarf and hat complement each other nicely, since they were made from the same yarn. It took me about a week and a half to complete them. I am not including my first attempt with the yellow yarn. I am glad they are done because now, my head and neck won’t be cold during the winter.

2 thoughts on “Winter’s Covered

  1. Great job Jasper! It took me years to get the courage to try a hat, but look at you go! I really enjoy following your crochet journey and hope you keep it up for a lifetime 🙂

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