“Trip” to the Yarn Store

This week, I made myself a Ravelry account. I looked around for a new project; I eventually found a little bag that looked like a dragon egg. Apparently, the stitch that I was using was more advanced than my level.

I learned the crocodile stitch by watching my mother and then trying it myself. The first few times trying it, I messed up. It wasn’t as difficult as I was expecting.

When I finished about seven rows I noticed that it wasn’t stable enough for my liking. So, I crocheted two circles and cut a piece of circular cardboard out and used it as a stabilizer. I then connected the circles pieces with chain stitches around the cardboard.

We also went to the yarn store this week and my mother got some green yarn. The yarn is being used to make a dragon dress for a doll. You can’t see it but the yarn has a sparkle to it. Too bad she decided to take a trip off a curb and break herself. She is doing better, though.

This is my mother’s WIP. It is only about 25% complete. If you are interested, you can follow her progress on Ravelry.

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