The Flower Frenzy

I did something a little bit different this week. I though that in order to make something big, I should start with smaller items. So I searched around Ravelry for a little while. When I didn’t find anything I turned to youtube. It suggested that I make flowers.

On the first flower, I accidentally sewed the bottom of the flower onto the peddles and it turned into a coster. I noticed that it looked wrong, so I rewatched the video and it showed me how to fix it.

The second flower turned out to be better, but I still needed youtube to help me. I forgot how to roll up the flower so I rewatched the video. I rerolled the flower and I corrected my mistake.

The third flower was done without help. I think I could do better next time by improving the sewing. It could be a little neater.

I think watching the video was a little harder than reading a written pattern. In a video, the person’s hand was always in the way and I couldn’t see the flower. But even though I couldn’t see what the person was doing I still made some pretty good flowers. Maybe the next video I watch, the hand won’t be in the way.

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