Christmas presents

Lately, I have been making Christmas presents for family and friends. In my class at school, we are doing a secret Santa. I made a phone case for the name I drew. I didn’t get a picture of it, unfortunately, it was from the same variegated blue yarn that I used for my scarf and hat.

I learned a new stitch in the last week that kind of leans. It is called the “herringbone stitch.” This stitch is sturdy and it has a nice pattern. I think that I will be using this stitch more often.

I have made two more things but, I can’t say because they are made for family members that may read my blog posts. I really hope that they enjoy their presents. I worked on them for a week.

This week, annoyingly, we have had a lot of school exams due. We are going to have a trigonometry test, anatomy and physiology exams. I am going to be glad once this week is over.

We are getting off of school and going into Christmas vacation, thankfully. After this week is done, my family is going to the U.S. to celebrate Christmas with my grandmother. We are finally going to be able to eat at Sonic, the Waffle House, and Dominos Pizza.

I will post pictures of Christmas presents in a later posts and I kind of don’t want to give any spoilers.

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