Sheath I’ve been up to…

I haven’t posted in a while, because things have been a little chaotic since my family and I got back from vacation two weeks ago. For these last few weeks I have been getting back into my daily routine and getting school work done. My jet lag faded over that time period and I am finally starting write blog posts again.

When I got back I immediately started on a project. I made a sword sheath for a plastic short sword that I just have lying around in my room since I was a little kid. This project helps me with what I initially wanted to do, which is make a viking costume. Right now, it is extremely bland in color, which would be bad for a full out costume. Good thing there is a such thing as fabric dye!

I next made a gray phone case. It doesn’t seem to be much, and it only took about an hour to make. I used single crochet stitch which made it take longer then if I would have used a double crochet. I think I could have added a flap over the top of it so that the phone wouldn’t fall out, but I didn’t think about that until it was completely finished. The bottom of it is a little too close together and looks like I was trying to make a Hot Pocket, but if I didn’t make it that close the phone would fall out of the bottom.

I hope the people reading this have enjoyed my journey so far. I hope that you guys will keep reading my blog.

Next I will be making a sword. See you guys then.

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