The Current Blanket

I am back! This week I have been working on a blanket that is multi-colored. The colors are Brown, Blue, Red, and White. The blanket will eventually be the size from the floor to over my head. I am still working on this blanket, but, it should be completed by the next time I post. I Used the cluster stitch, it take a lot of yarn, but, it is very soft.

I haven’t crochet much because I was reading the first book in the Noreela series by Tim Lebbon. I would recommend people to read these books. Anyone who reads this series would be hooked from the first paragraph. I have to warn you though, it is a very gory book.

Not only have I been reading those books, but, I have also been writing a book. I will be making more of the blanket after I have read all of those books in that series. I really need to finish this blanket so I can curl up in a ball under it and read the rest of the books.

My family and I went to the local yarn store and I had just gotten my allowance. I didn’t know what yarn I wanted so I asked what type of yarn interested my mother. She pointed at the one you saw in the picture. I first didn’t see that yarn until she pointed it out.

I also got some new tools. I got a new crochet hook and some needles. The hook is a bronze color. The needles are a blue color.

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