Getting warm

Sorry for the lack of work. I lost interest for a while. Instead, I have been reading and writing. I have been going to rehearsals for a play. So many things I have been doing that took my attention away from this blog.

I made a brown scarf, recently. Since I haven’t been crocheting, I had to get back into it. The start was a little difficult, but in the end, muscle memory kicked in. I was able to finish within a week of work.

I haven’t only been doing crocheting, though. I also started a art book, one that will be filled with mythical art mostly. I am doing this portfolio for a class project that is due at the end of the year. It will be assessed by my advisory teacher. If it is good enough, I will be able to get to the twelfth grade art class.

I recently started the rehearsals for a new play at my school. We a doing the play A Company of Players by Ed Monk. I have three roles in this particular play. I am Hamlet (the prince), Polonius (Hamlets advisor), lighting and sound. Throughout the play, I am going to be changing clothes to fit each of the characters along with my overall personality.

My book of short stories isn’t coming along as well as I would like. When I finish the initial short story, I keep writing about what happens afterward and it ends up turning into a longer book. I will keep trying, though. I have a couple of short stories up my sleeves, so I am able to write them, I just need to focus on making a short story, rather than a book.

The eleventh grade is, so far, not that hard. I have missed a few works, but actually doing it isn’t that hard. The classes are interesting for the most part. I am taking six classes, English, art, business management, theory of knowledge, chemistry, and French. They are pretty interesting classes. French and Chemistry are actually the only real challenging ones.

I have done a lot of different creative things that are mainly school related. I will probably be doing a lot more over the year. I might also add in some more crocheting projects. ;D Until next time!

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